Founded in 1851, just after the "Gold Rush" frenzy struck the American west, Magik Missile began as a modest suede elbow patch manufacturer...

No, wait, that's not accurate at all... Let me see... Oh, yes...

Founded in 15th Century Italy, Magik Missile first began manufacturing gondola oars for wealthy Venetian merchants. Their craftsmanship was so superior to their competitors that they soon expanded their fast growing empire north to the great canals of Belgium, where they... no... that's not right either...

Bear with me, my handwritten notes are a bitty smudgy... aha! Here we are...

Founded in 2009 by a couple of madcaps with questionable character, Magik Missile aims to carve their edgy and irreverent place in an otherwise corporate dominated marketplace.

So, please enjoy our wares, won't you?

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Magik Missile
PO Box 209
New City, NY 10956

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845-323-4131 (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST)